Quién es Papik

I am Ayelen Berger, crochet toy designer from Buenos Aires, Argentina (currently living in Bergen, Norway). 

I founded {PAPIK} in 2015 participating in several local crafts markets. Today I sell my toys and patterns of my desings through my online store (papik.com.ar), Etsy and Ravelry shops.
{PAPIK} designs aim to break heteronormativity and social stereotypes: dolls that are warriors, toys that are not for boys or girls. They are toys to play. They mean to inspire adventure, breaking patterns and gender rules. For kids and grownups. 
I created different collections:
Warrior women
Woodland creatures
Colorful unicorns 
Myopic creatures with glasses

They all are an artistic expression of myself.
This is why all my patterns are for private use only (they cannot be used with commercial purposes).

Creativity workshops
I started giving workshops in 2016. I now run my own space with monthly/annual creativity workshops. 
I have developed my own method to train creativity through crocheted toys. The focus of the workshop is to develop the inner creativity of one self. It is aimed to anyone who wants to spend a creative time and explore their creativity through crocheting amigurumis, under the premise that we are all creative persons. 
This is also why I started writing my book: Breaking the pattern.

Social media: www.instagram.com/papik.toys
Online shops:
- Ravelry: Papik (Ayelen Berger)
- Etsy: Papik Toys Amigurumi
- www.papik.com.ar
E-mail: papik.toys@gmail.com

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